Assets,Liabilities & Supply Chain Management


Branch Purpose

  • The programme aims to provide policy direction and facilitate the effective and efficient management of assets, liabilities, financial systems and provincial supply chain processes

The Branch is comprised of the following Sub-Programmes:

  • Asset and Liabilities Management which is responsible for:
    1. Monitoring and supporting Departments and Public Entities on management of Physical Assets, Cash and Liabilities
  • Supply Chain Management is responsible for:
    1. Monitoring SCM Compliance and providing support to Provincial Departments and Public Entities as well as supplier development
  • Financial Systems is responsible for:
    1. Implementing Financial Systems and provide support to Provincial Departments. Strategic

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1 To provide policy direction and support to 13 votes and 5 public entities on Assets, Liabilities, Supply Chain Management and Financial Systems to ensure improvement of audit outcomes by 2019/2
Objective Statement All Provincial Votes and Public Entities to fully comply with relevant prescripts on Assets, Liabilities, Supply Chain Management and Financial Systems resulting in improved audit outcomes by 2019/20 financial year.
  • Departments with Unqualified Audit Opinions – 6
  • Departments with Qualified Audit Opinions – 6
  • Departments with Adverse opinions – 0
  • Departments with Disclaimer opinion – 1
  • Public Entities with Unqualified Audit Opinion – 2
  • Public Entities with Qualified Audit Opinions – 1
  • Public Entities with Adverse Opinion – 1
  • Public Entities with Disclaimer Audit Opinion – 1
  • To increase accountability in the public sector, promotion of transparency, optimal utilisation of state resources as well as enhance compliance to legal framework.
  • Financial systems enable the province to record, manage financial transactions, and consolidate information for reporting both provincially and nationally.
Links The achievement of this strategic objective will contribute towards the achievement of the following:

  • Departmental Strategic Outcome Oriented Goal 2: Responsive, accountable, effective and efficient provincial government systems
  • LDP Objectives: Sound Financial and Administrative Management; Increase the number of unqualified audit opinions in departments, public entities and municipalities
  • MTSF National Outcome 12: An efficient, effective and development oriented public service
  • NDP Chapter 13 Objective: Building a Capable and Developmental State