Frequently Asked Questions


 What is Limpopo Provincial Treasury?
 LPT is government department that deals with the monitoring and management of the provincial finances.
 How can I get a copy of LPT /Provincial/budget speech?
All the speeches can be access at the national and provincial treasury website and LPT you can be accessed through the LPT office
 What is the role of IGFR section?
The role of the IGFR section is to ensure that there is compliance on the part of municipalities on the MFMA prescriptions
 What is the role of Economic analysis section?
The role of the economic analysis is to analyze the overall performance of the province in terms of the economic growth, unemployment, inflation rates, export position and the HIV prevalence. For example, the economic analysis section in LPT is there to research how Limpopo province is growing in terms of the economy compared to the other provinces
 What is the role of Budget Services?
The role of budget services is to plan the budget that will guide government through the financial year.
What is the role of assets and liabilities for Limpopo Provincial Treasury?
The role of assets and liabilities department is to ensure that assets which are purchased are fairly disclosed in the annual financial statements. Secondly, the department is there to ensure proper internal control of assets within the department
What is the role of assets & liabilities management?
This directorate is looking at the entire provincial government. It is through this section that there is monitoring of public procurement is conducted in the correct manner. And it is also there to ensure that when it comes to bidding, everyone is allowed to place a bid
 What is public procurement?
Is when the government is inviting the public to participate in government tender biddings.
How can I get a copy of the LPT Annual reports?
 From the communication services in the offices of the LPT or on our website
Where do I find Government tenders?
You can get documents and bulletins in the Limpopo Provincial Supply Chain Management and Advice Centres.
How many offices does LPT have?
LPT has five districts: Vhembe, Capricorn, Waterberg, Sekhukhune and Mopani. And one head office in Ismini Towers at Hans Van Rensburg Street
How do I contact Limpopo Provincial Treasury?
We can be contacted through the website: or